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The Next Trip is Around the Corner

You have one week to pack and prepare for the next trip. The current trip, as all trips do, is coming to an end. This week is the time to check your luggage for unnecessary and even detrimental items. This week is the time to pick up or to make preparations to acquire items that will…

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A Conversation w/ God

Prayer, that’s how we have a conversation with God, right? Well, yes …and, no. An honest survey of one’s prayers and/or prayerlife will doubtless reveal a content of 75%+ talking, 20%+ mind-wandering and less than 5% active listening. Thats hardly a conversation. So, how does one give God the platform by which to speak, or,…

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Whom do I trust?

That is an important question. When it comes to how I live my life and to what values and virtues I will hold, will I trust myself and how I experience and interpret the world around me? Or will I look to something outside myself? A child has many opinions, thoughts and desires. Can these be…

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Novation Home Gatherings

The heart and soul of Novation Church is our Home Gatherings. Each week, the individuals and families that are connected with Novation Church meet in homes around South St. Louis City in much the same way the Early Church did – focusing on the teachings of the Apostles contained in the Scripture.  Currently the groups…

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