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A One Word Summary of Christmas

In the midst of crazy and unprecedented circumstances, Mary made a commitment to the angel Gabriel, and Joseph made a commitment to Mary.  The shepherds made a commitment to investigate the report of the angelic host and the Magi made the commitment to follow the star.  Herod made a commitment to eliminate the threat of a potential…

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Christmas Is Grounded in a Historical Event

Regardless of one’s belief about who Jesus (born in Nazareth in Judea) was and/or is, reliable history documents that he is a part of human history. Cornelius Tacitus was known for his analysis and examination of historical documents and is among the most trusted of ancient historians. He was a senator under Emperor Vespasian and was…

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What is the message of the Gospel?

A simple summary would sound something like this: We are broken and sinful people living in a fallen world, but, we have not been left to ourselves.  God, who created this now fallen world, has made Himself available in the person of Jesus Christ.  Through faith in Him – his sinless life, his substitutionary death,…

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A Conversation w/ God

Prayer, that’s how we have a conversation with God, right? Well, yes …and, no. An honest survey of one’s prayers and/or prayerlife will doubtless reveal a content of 75%+ talking, 20%+ mind-wandering and less than 5% active listening. Thats hardly a conversation. So, how does one give God the platform by which to speak, or,…

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Four Questions

When it comes to a philosophy of life, or what might be called one’s worldview, it is critical to think through four questions: The question of Origin: where did it all come from? The question of Meaning/Purpose: why is it all here? The question of Morality/Authority: how is it supposed to work, or, upon what…

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Praise in the Park (Benton Park)

The Benton Park Neighborhood Association, along with The New Church, Epiphany Church and Curby Church, are hosting a Gospel event in Benton Park, Sunday, August 9th. Choirs, vocalists and musicians from each church will be performing, and there will be a group picnic for all to enjoy. Novation’s part is mostly behind the scenes. Serving…

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Walking alongside of someone on a common journey gives one a fantastic view into their mind.  Working alongside of someone on a common mission gives an even greater view into their heart. We are finding that if we can discover authentic ways to engage people (and organizations – which are comprised of people) and genuinely connect with their…

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Survey Question

What do you understand the message of the Christian Bible to be? Not, do you believe it, or what do you think about it, but what IS IT?

What does it mean to be “spiritual?”

In this ever-changing world, the circle of meaning for specific words is in constant flux. Novation would like to know your thoughts on what “spiritual” means, and/or what it means “to be spiritual.” Give your opinion in the Reply/Comment option below…..and thanks.

Roaming into new territory

Novation has recently taken responsibility for The Melvin Theater building (2912 Chippewa Street) with plans to see the facility developed into a community-based center.  It is our desire that The Melvin become a catalyst of community involvement and activity. The plan is to create space that can be used by the neighborhood to serve the…

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